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baffled_bees's Journal

Baffled Bees
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Baffled Bees is a community for anyone who might have lost their hive and is looking for an adoptive community.
We want to strengthen our minds and bodies and have an impact on the world around us. Anyone interested in positive sharing and discussion is welcome to join.

So, back in the day happyperusals and supertopsecret had a community, and in some respects it was a lot of fun. However, that community eventually feel apart and we now have new, happier, healthier outlooks on life(!). So we've decided to start a new community for people who share our outlook and goals. We've decided that it's up your disgression as the poster as to whether or not you want to friends only your posts or introduction. Clearly there aren't a lot of members since this is about a 2 day old community, and i don't think we really need any rules right now. Obviously there's no bashing and we seek to avoid immature internet fuckery in general. Feel free to post anything personal or private, ask for advice, share recipes, photos, life stories, or random trivia.

Which brings us to the introduction!
Please post something about yourself, e.g. your name, where you're from, your age, what you're interested in, why you joined, etc.
It would be great if you could share something with us.

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