Dolciness (happyperusals) wrote in baffled_bees,

Welcome ta' Baffled Bees...!

Jess and I have just created this community - and we already have a member! Jess went ta' sleep for the night, so I'll just write a quick introduction that she can update in the morning:

The Baffled Bees are all about joy, personal growth and impact, self-love, friendship, sharing, connection, positivity, education - all that good stuff! We come here to be our shiny li'l selves and ta' share in the responsibility of inspiring one another to keep on shining.

If we had a theme song, it'd sing: "Strong bodies and strong minds..."

Membership is open ta' anyone, but will be moderated! Unkindness and negativity is not tolerated here. We not only hafta' pride ourselves on being loving and supportive, but we must keep our hearts open to our own lives, too!

♥ Moderators ♥,
Jess and Dolci
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